Can VPN be tracked? And How to Maximize Annoymity With 4 East Steps.

can VPNs be tracked

Let’s see how you can be tracked while using a VPN and best practices to enhance anonymity. Ryan Lin, a Massachusetts resident never would have thought the FBI would knock on his door one day. He was caught cyberstalking and torturing his former roommate Jennifer Smith using a ‘no-logs’ PureVPN, which cooperated with the FBI. …

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Avast Secureline VPN Review: Testing, Results, and Verdict

avast secureline vpn review

Let’s help you take the right call with this Avast (Secureline) VPN review. VPNs can be tracked. Though it’s not ideal to start a VPN review with the preceding line, that’s the truth. VPNs are for general internet safety, and not created for 100% anonymity, often sought by high-profile spies or cybercriminals. Straightaway, Avast VPN …

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Is DuckDuckGo Safe? How Does It Make Money?

Read on to know how safe you’re when using DuckDuckGo than with Google Search. Privacy is the primary selling point of DuckDuckGo. This ‘safe’ search engine assures to shield us from the privacy intrusions of big techs like Google and Facebook. But we never pay for the search engines, tempting the developers to find another …

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Bitwarden vs LastPass: Battle of Two Excellent Password Managers

bitwarden vs lastpass

Both Bitwarden and LastPass have generous free versions. But confusions kick in when you decide to pay. Let’s find out the right one. I’ve been a Bitwarden user for quite some time now. With 201 logins and a few notes, it hardly lets me down. Barring a few, Bitwarden’s free version is enough for personal …

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iTopVPN review: Hands-On Testing of the VIP Subscription

itopvpn review

This iTopVPN review is about hands-on testing of its paid plan, the security features, and an overall open-minded commentary for you to make the right call. It’s easy to doubt a new VPN company as less secure. Because whatever we see and read all over the internet comes with its own agenda. And a new …

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AdGuard VPN Review: Hands-On Testing To Check Before Paying

AdGuard VPN Review

Stay tuned for this detailed AdGuard VPN review to check how a VPN performs coming from a world-famous adblocker brand. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) isn’t just for privacy and security. In fact, most users use it for entertainment, social media, and news. However, its importance in giving a safe and anonymous internet is something …

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How to Use Opera VPN: A Short Review with Performance Testing

opera VPN: how to use and a short review

Let’s check out the free Opera VPN to see its worth with speed and performance tests. First things first: it’s a FREE VPN. And in most cases, free doesn’t go well with cybersecurity applications. Because nothing comes free. Whether we see it or not, there is a cost to everything. So don’t ask for a …

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Avira Password Manager: Features and Failures

At first glance, Avira Password Manager feels great with an excellent free version. Let’s put it under the scanner to see it inside out. Avira Password Manager is from the same stable producing a capable privacy-respecting Avira antivirus. Coming from a reputed brand name already cuts some of its struggles. In addition, the available userbase …

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