Neeva has been acquired by Snowflake, and its public facing search engine is now sunset.

Is Neeva the AI-powered Google search alternative we’ve all been looking For? Let’s find out.

Our dependency on search engines is way more than we actually realize.

Personally, I’m close to screwed if not for the search box. I use it with the SMS app, on my computer, WhatsApp, and many more……and obviously, Google search (let’s call it Gsearch).

Lately, I have been trying to find a perfect Gsearch substitute. I tried many, including DuckDuckGo but crawled back to the perceived privacy hazard.

To me, replacing Gsearch is tough. It knows what I’m looking for, and the search algorithms are vastly superior to its counterparts.

However, AI is seen as the “next big thing” in the search space, and we have something interesting to lay our hands on.

Neeva Search

This is an AI-powered search engine that seems to be a blend of Google Search and something like ChatGPT.

However, it claims to be the best of both.

First, this is a private search without ads and does not sell data to third parties.

In addition, it responds to queries in ChatGPT-style while indicating the source of its information. Moreover, it’s directly connected to the internet (unlike ChatGPT), so you get the latest results.

And you can connect it to a few apps and use its search prowess from a single search box.

neeva search features
Source: Neeva

Currently, you can connect Google Apps, Office 365, Slack, Dropbox, GitHub, Notion, and more to have everything in a single place.

Furthermore, this gives you the option to set search results preferences. You can simply tag a website to be more or less favorable, and it considers your choice subsequently (yes, it works).

neeva customization

Lastly, there are a few more customizations like ‘Site Preferences’, ‘Search Preferences’, etc., which make it more flexible and user-friendly.

Consequently, it’s a happy handshake between AI and search.

How to use Neeva Search?

You can get the first impressions directly by navigating to and entering the search query.

neeva ad free search
Source: Neeva

Alternatively, you can install its browser extensions to use it from the URL bar. And, it also has apps for Android and iOS.

However, you must sign up (takes only a minute) for the full benefit, including the customizations.

What’s the Catch?

Glad you asked!

They don’t sell your data. Simply put, they don’t track you around the internet and manipulate your buying decisions with annoying advertisements.

This goodwill asks for someone to pay their bills. And that’s where you and you’re credit card comes into the equation. πŸ™ƒ

Sooo….it’s paid! (also has a limited-powered free plan)

Now, the idea to pay for the search engine is indigestible for most of us (myself included), but that’s a call we have to make.

As of now, they charge $5.99 a month, which comes down to $4.17 if you pay annually.

Importantly, this subscription also integrates a premium password manager and Bitdefender VPN.

Separately, the minimum you would pay is $33 (Dashlane annual plan) plus $29.99 (Bitdefender VPN, first-year payment), which sums up to roughly $5.25 a month (if paid for a year upfront).

So Neeva makes a lot more sense now if you’re using these tools already or willing to switch from their competition.

Personally, I have tested Dashlane, and it was good. However, if you ask me to recommend a VPN, I would point you to ProtonVPN, Windsribe, etc.

Should You Pay for Neeva?

I would say…wait.

The internet is a big thing to crawl. And from my brief Neeva experience, it’s far from what Google is delivering us in terms of quality and quantity.

Still, this is something to look forward to, and the initial results are promising.

PS: You can also try Startpage if you seek a free Google search alternative.