Nestify Review: Cloudways Alternative (WordPress Performance Comparison)

nestify review, cloudways alternative

While Cloudways is great, let’s check out Nestify to see if we have a potential alternative for WordPress websites. When I first used Cloudways, I was amazed by the speed, simplicity, and sudden uplift in the Google rankings. The platform is intuitive, has a free trial, rich documentation, and friendly support. That was my breakup …

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Cloudways Review: My WordPress Experience with Pros and Cons


I switched my WordPress website to Cloudways in the last few months. Stay tuned to know if you should do that too with this pinpoint review! There will be times as a website owner you start thinking about ditching shared hosting. Mine was around June 2022 when I bid farewell to Fastcomet and switched to …

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How to Change Font in WordPress With & Without Plugin

change fonts in wordpress

Let’s check how you can change WordPress font with or without plugins and compare the website performance with each method. Fonts are a far more important part of any web project than some might appear at first glance. And the existence of paid fonts (like that at shouts this fact out loud. A carefully …

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