Social Media Management Platforms: Why Should You Care?

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To let the brands focus on their core business matters without hampering their social presence–social media management platforms–are the exact solutions which the business fraternity have been looking for.

In 2020, there were 3.96 billion active social media users, a 13.66% YOY growth over 2019. Internet and smartphones have ensured social connectivity to each and every individual. Social media is the new place to gain customers and acquire business leads.

Social Commerce

Gone are the days when eCommerce and social media were two separate things. These times have invented a mix–Social commerce–where business happens within the social media platform itself.

Since so many users are active daily on various social media platforms, Social Commerce has emerged as the new and effective marketplace.

According to the users’ interests and activities, products appear in the infinite scrolls. And more often than not, it ends up being a successful online transaction.

Infographic: Social Commerce Captures Online Markets in Asia | Statista

And even these results are very early stage. Social media has limitless potential when it comes to affecting buyers’ perceptions of any product.

The ongoing social media boom will make social commerce–in near future–the go-to source to make any buying decisions

Statistic: Frequency of online consumers who have made a purchase based on online or social media advertisements as of January 2019 | Statista

Despite their benefits, quality user engagement on these media platforms takes significant amounts of time. On the top of it, the number of social channels are adding to the headaches of the social media managers.

Maintaining separate accounts on each one is an annoyingly tedious task, but not if you happen to use any Social Media Management Platform. Let’s know them in a bit more detail.

Social Media Management Platforms

Social Media Tools brings all your social engagements under one hood with a single username and password. You can create, publish, schedule, and respond on all the social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) from a single dashboard of your social media management utility.

Additionally, these tools also offer valuable analytics insights such as user engagement on your posts, competitor analysisaudience sentiment analysis.

These features vary between different tools. Free features are generally limited to publishing. And the more important features like user engagement, etc., fall under the premium category.

Few such utilities–e.g., NepoleonCat–offer a free trial period for their premium features.

Source: NapoleonCat


This section will outline some of the attributes of such platforms which make them a must-have utility for small to big businesses alike.

Post Scheduling

In today’s fierce competition, so many people try to grab the attention of the same business prospects. So, timing your posts precisely is vital.

E.g., if you post on Monday at noon, chances are your post will be lost among hundreds of others when your leads come back online in the evening.

Additionally, post scheduling lets you make a post calendar–in which you plan posts for auto-publishing.

You can work out in your spare time about the target audience and schedule the publishing calendar accordingly.

Unified Inbox

One of the prime merits of these social media tools is a common inbox. This lets you engage on all social channels at the same time from a single place.

It also cuts the chances of a repetitive response. You can keep track of your business leads from all social channels and reply instantly.


If you have a social team to manage your social presence, then you can assign different duties to the individuals based on their availability and expertise.

For example, you can designate posting and commenting to different persons. This helps to cut the burden on a single individual and improve the response rate.

And you can also maximize output from your employees based on their interests.

Sentiment Analysis

Generally, a huge number of interactions on your post are a good sign. But sometimes, those numbers can be deceiving.

In fact, those large number of comments can indicate people making a mockery out of your products.

One negative viral comment and your particular marketing campaign can very well go down the drain.

So, it is crucial to analyze public sentiment about your product as early as possible.

Sentiment analysis helps to achieve just that. You can track positive or negative sentiment about your product or brand and act quickly.

One can enable tags like ‘brand name+great‘ or ‘product name+awful‘ to filter out sentiments, and your social utility will do the rest. You can also get a report of positive and negative mentions.

Some sentiment analysis tools can also automatically analyze public sentiment about your business using Artificial Intelligence.

Conclusively, sentiment analysis helps to analyze your audience’s mood and apply course correction at early stages to minimize the damage.

Competitor Survey

It helps you to track the social media pages of your competition. You can gain valuable information from their success and failures, their weakness and strengths.

In this feature, one can compare with the different hashtags, audience engagement, public sentiments, etc.

It presents an opportunity to leverage those insights to improve your products and get ahead of everyone else.

Final Words

If you run your business and don’t have any online presence, then you must pay heed to these words:

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

And if you happen to have an online presence but an inactive social media account–you are losing customers to others.

I know it seems overwhelming to some people to engage on all such social media channels. But it’s nevertheless essential for your business. The sooner you realize this the better.

Finally, you have social media management platforms helping you to avoid changing your social hats every time you engage with your audience.

Give them a try. Subscribe for the trial, and chances are you will cherish their presence in your business life.