Say hi to smart locks.

From smartphones, to televisions, lights and voice assistants, there is very little left that doesn’t have a ‘smart’ feature. Considering this, it is no surprise that the humble doorlock too has been upgraded to a ‘smarter’ version – Smart locks.

These locks promise flexibility by making the physical keys optional by giving additional authentication mechanisms like, fingerprint or PIN. In this post, we’ve listed out some of the top ones to buy based on their features.

Top 5 Smart Locks to Buy in India

There are numerous types and variations of smart locks in the market. However, customer reviews and feedback have been an important criterion when we set about listing the Top Smart Locks in India.

Apart from customer satisfaction, another angle we’ve looked at are the security features, as at the end of the day, that is what really matters when it comes to home security.

Godrej Digital Lock

godrej smart lock
Image Credits: Godrej

One reason most people shy away from smartlocks is because they worry about being locked out if the lock’s battery gets fully drained. However, with the Godrej Advantis Rimtronic, there is an option to use a 9V external battery for the emergency operation of the lock. There is also a safety button, when switched on, does not let the lock open from the outside, even with the password.

  • Authentication Mechanisms: Biometric, Password, and RFID cards

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used as small cards used for tracking and access management.

  • Security Features:
  1. Up to 4 different passwords can be used at the same time.
  2. Able to register up to a 100 RFID cards for the access of multiple users.
  3. Built-in fire sensor that unlocks the door if the temperature within exceeds 65ºC.
  4. Adjustable spy code – allows addition of random numbers before and after the password in case you have strangers watching.
  5. OTP password access facility for one time access permission for cleaning or housekeeping staff.
  6. Compatible with a video door phone in case you want to install one later.
  7. Break-in Alarm (beeping sound) will automatically start if a wrong password is entered for 5 consecutive attempts.
  • Material Type: ABS Plastic with aluminum chassis.
  • Installation Support: Yes, free installation support is provided (limited to wooden doors and frames). When purchasing online, the installation request will be sent upon delivery of the product to the customer within a period of 24 to 48 hours.

As far as features go, Godrej provides quite a comprehensive list to tackle most homeowners need. Considering that the lock has been designed to eradicate the hassle of carrying keys, we could not find any mention of any external key option.

Godrej also provides a one year’s warranty on this product.


lavana la28 smart lock
Image Credits: Lavana LA28

This lock is feature packed and allows you to program the locking and unlocking of your house’s door through your smartphone.

For those who prefer the traditional ‘just-in-case’ option, a mechanical key is provided as well. Furthermore, for first time smart lock users who are worried about the durability of the lock, there is a one-year warranty period for the product.

  • Authentication Mechanisms: Bluetooth Mobile Application, Fingerprint (Biometrics), PIN, OTP, RFID Cards, & Manual Key Access
  • Security Features:
  1. Fingerprint sensor that works 360º with the facility to register up to 100 fingerprints.
  2. 0.4 seconds unlocking speed.
  3. Can be fully run using the associated mobile application. It is possible to add/delete users and unlock records as well.
  4. Can use Bluetooth for unlocking.
  5. You can generate an OTP if you have a surprise visit who needs admittance while you are away.
  6. With time based access, you can choose the time slot for when the door will be unlocked so that housekeeping staff can enter.
  7. The spy code feature allows the homeowner to add in extra digits before and after typing the PIN to protect its confidentiality from inquisitive strangers.
  8. The DND lock feature when activated is a privacy locking system that doesn’t allow the door to be unlocked from the outside.
  9. Past unlocking records (including timestamps) help homeowners know who had access to the premises.
  10. The external power port comes in handy when your lock’s battery has drained, and you’ve forgotten to replace it. If you are locked out, you can power the battery through a powerbank and unlock the door.
  • Material Type: Alloy Steel
  • Installation Support: Provided


lavana la24 smart lock
Image Credits: Lavana LA24

It is a good smart lock choice for wooden doors. For ease of access, you can unlock through simply placing your finger, though there are other unlocking options provided too!

  • Authentication Mechanisms: Biometric (fingerprint), Bluetooth, Mobile application, OTP, PIN, RFID card and manual key
  • Security Features: Similar to the LA28 Bluetooth version, except it has 5 locking bolts, while the LA28 version has 2.
  • Material Type: Alloy Steel
  • Installation Support: Available

This is similar to the LAVANA LA28 smart lock that we have previously seen. Though, this lock requires a slightly thicker door, i.e. 35mm thickness instead of 30mm of LA28.

QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential

qubo smart lock essential
Image credits: Qubo

Most smart lock users are either worried about the installation, warranty period or the chances of the lock’s battery dying out on them. With the QUBO Smart Door lock, you get free installation (in select cities), a year’s warranty and battery alerts right on your phone! With its multiple unlocking features, this lock is hard to resist.

  • Authentication Mechanisms: Fingerprint, Access card, PIN, OTP, Mobile App & Mechanical key
  • Security Features:
  1. Has a 5-way access system with an emergency key feature.
  2. Can register up to 50 fingerprints and 2 RFID cards.
  3. Unlocking activities can be checked through the mobile app.
  4. Spy code can be used while unlocking using the PIN option.
  5. Homeowners can share access through the OTP feature.
  6. Two-layer authentication needs two access methods for even safer unlocking.
  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Installation Support: Free installation

QUBO Smart Rim Lock

quobo smart rim lock
Image credits: Qubo

Unlike the previous QUBO lock, this one does not come with biometric access. However, there are still multiple ways homeowners can easily gain entry as there is mobile enable OTP remote access sharing also possible. With its autolocking and two-layer authentication, this provides the security required.

  • Authentication Mechanisms: PIN, RFID card and Bluetooth mobile application
  • Security Features:
  1. Access through RFID cards. Two cards provided as starters.
  2. Spy code / decoy digits can be employed to keep the PIN code safe.
  3. Ability to share access through OTP.
  4. Automatic lock facility with 2 layers of authentication for additional safety.
  5. Low battery alerts straight to your mobile phone.
  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Installation Support: Free installation

Yale YDME 100 NxT

Yale YDME 100 NxT
Image credits: Yale

The Yale smart lock is built to reduce your worries regarding batteries going suddenly dead, as the lock presents a warning when its 4 double ‘A’ or AA batteries are running low.

And the best part? The lock’s memory remembers all the setting and credentials when the batteries are being changed or charged, so you do not have to feed in the details again!

And did I tell you about the exceptional 3-year warranty.

  • Authentication Mechanisms: Biometric, PIN & mechanical key
  • Security Features:
  1. Privacy lock that can be set internally to prevent the door from being unlocked from the outside.
  2. Temporary construction key provided for unlocking if batteries are charging.
  3. Multiple users can use different codes. Up to a 100 PIN codes and fingerprints can be registered.
  4. Emergency power can be supplied to the lock upon total battery discharge.
  5. Inner lever handle for emergency unlocking has been provided.
  6. There is a mechanical key for emergency use.

Mostly biometric and PIN access. No mobile app, Bluetooth or OTP access included. However, there is a mechanical key for emergencies.

  • Material Type: Zinc
  • Installation Support: Free installation provided

Features vs. Functionality

When buying a smartlock, instead of merely focusing on those that have the most features, you should choose one that suits your needs best.

As seen, warranty and installation, are all part of the package. But whether you want mobile app access with biometrics and RFID, those things are what should matter when sealing the deal as well as customer review and the brand’s overall potential to deliver the best product.

Ultimately, the security of your home lies in your choice.