Bitwarden vs 1password: Which one to choose?

bitwarden VS 1password

Frankly, there shouldn’t be a Bitwarden vs 1Password. That’s not fair. While the former has an excellent free plan, the latter is strictly premium. Recently, I reviewed Microsoft Password Manager but refrained from comparing it to Bitwarden. Because Microsoft’s offering was no match for the fantastic open-source password manager that Bitwarden is. But 1Password can be …

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Is VPN Worth It? Your Suspicions With Some Real Answers.

is vpn worth it

There is no clear answer to Is VPN Worth it? Check out why it may or may not be a tool meant for you. Thanks to countries like China and streaming platforms like Netflix, VPNs have become heavily marketed products. You will see hardly any website/influencer telling you a no-no for VPNs. What is a …

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CyberGhost VPN: Is this the VPN service you should pay for?

CyberGhost VPN

Are you choosing CyberGhost VPN to unblock Netflix? Can it protect you from data snooping? Don’t you want to know the full set of features before paying? Are you making a mistake by opting CyberGhost VPN or a wise decision to put your online insecurities to rest? Hold on, don’t press that pay button just …

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