iPhone apps to helps you medidate like a monk.

Meditation is a great way to put all your focus on yourself, a thought, or an activity. But as we live in a society where everything is so fast-paced, meditating becomes difficult. In that case, mindfulness apps come into play and provide a helping hand.

These apps create tailored programs as per your goals to make meditation easier. But out of tons of mindfulness apps, I have tried these a few, and here’s my brief experience with them.

Mindfulness (Meditation) Apps for iPhone

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Headspace helps you make mindfulness and meditation an integral part of your daily routine. It gives you access to detailed yet simple sessions on managing stress, building focus and resilience, controlling anxiety, and more.

You can learn about all these topics through their detailed guides, courses, and exercises. Also, when we say “exercises,” we mean exercises that fit easily into your tight work schedule. It means you can meditate even while performing a task.

One thing worth mentioning about Headspace is that all its content is created by world-class experts, including Olympians like Kim Glass and Leon Taylor. Also, it recommends the content based on what you like and how you’re feeling. For instance, if you feel stressed and anxious anytime in your day, open the mobile app, select the current mode, and it’ll suggest your courses and short activities based on that.

Headspace also has a vast collection of podcasts that help you learn about meditation and mindfulness in detail. Besides, it also takes care of people with sleeping issues. It has many soothing stories, calming sounds, and music to help you fall asleep quickly and easily.

You can also be more productive with its focus music. Another thing worth mentioning about this app is that it lets you track your stress timely with monthly check-ins. Finally, it’s a great app that enables you to live happily and sleep well.

Calm: Sleep & Meditation

Calm is another great sleep and meditation app for new to advanced users. It aims to give you sound sleep and significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

Calm has a great knowledge base with varied content types, like guides, stories, exercises on deep sleep, anxiety, stress, breaking habits, self-esteem, etc., and other similar topics.

The best part is its meditation sessions in varied time lengths, ranging from 3 to 25 minutes. You can practice mindfulness in your busy schedule too.

Besides, it hosts 1000+ bedtime soothing stories, so you can fall asleep quickly. Also, these stories are made by artists like Matthew McConaughey, Leona Lewis, and Jerome Flynn.

Out of everything, what I liked the most about this sleep and meditation app is its daily 10-minute program, called Daily Calm, which helps you start your day with positive vibes. It also has a Calm Body program, which suggests mindful stretching and movements.

Another thing worth mentioning is its exclusive music collection, which helps you focus, relax, sleep, and reduce anxiety. It also has 30+ natural sounds and scenes that you can play while doing yoga, workout, meditation, sleeping, and other things.

Medito: Meditation & Wellness

Another mobile app that can help you learn and practice meditation on your iPhone is Medito. It has excellent features and an intuitive user interface, making it easy to use for everyone.

Also, it’s completely free. Like other apps, its primary purpose is to improve mental health with meditation sessions, breathing exercises, relieving sounds, and more.

Medito gives you access to a 9-step details course, which explains everything about mindfulness and meditation. Once you complete the course, it gives you a different meditation session every day to practice.

Also, one thing worth mentioning about this app is that it lets you choose the session duration and narrator. It also allows you to download the sessions and meditate without distractions like alerts, texts, etc.

Besides this, Medito has a built-in Meditation Timer that plays soothing sounds for your selected time to let you meditate. Notably, you can change the sound as per your liking. Medito also hosts several bedtime stories and natural sounds. It also comes with many soundscapes that create a perfect ambient for meditating.

The most exciting part is its dedicated Packs section, which has detailed sessions on varied topics, like pain management, open awareness, mediative insights, pandemic, relationships, etc.

Smiling Mind: Meditation App

Smiling Mind helps you focus on your mental health with its varied mindfulness and psychology strategies developed by top psychologists.

It has lessons to improve resilience, sleep quality, stress reduction, relationships, and more. And it’s not only made for adults, this is also suitable for children aged three years and older.

One thing worth mentioning about Smiling Mind is that all the programs are developed in simple and crisp language, making them easy to understand for people of all ages.

Besides this, it lets you download the sessions on your iPhone to meditate without the internet. It also keeps reminding you about meditating at a specific time of the day. Lastly, it also enables you to track your mood with well-being check-ins.

Be at Peace!

Meditation and mindfulness are great for reducing anxiety and stress, building focus, resilience, and much more. But due to a lack of knowledge and guidance, we never try it. As a result, some of us continuously fight with issues like emotional turbulence.

Luckily, some techniques can help you fight that. I have shared a few apps and hope you picked the best one for you. Let us know which one you ended up with or if you use any other application worthy of mention.

See you!