Let’s see how some of the best-rated iPhone pedometer apps work.

Do you keep track of your daily steps? If not, you should be, as tracking them is an excellent way to monitor health.

In that case, pedometer apps come into use and keep track of our footsteps. Now, there are several pedometer apps for iPhones. Therefore, it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

To make things easier, we tested the best iPhone pedometer apps and shared our experience in detail with them in this guide.

Let’s begin!

Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone

StepsApp Pedometer

The very first pedometer app you can try on your iPhone is StepsApp. StepsApp Pedometer is a well-known step counter and walking tracker used by millions of people around the globe to count their steps while keeping the iPhone in their pocket, bag, or even in hand.

This step counter app has a simple and easy-to-use user interface.

You can start by setting your daily step goals and entering personal data, like name, birth year, height, etc. The best thing is that it automatically connects with your Apple Health account to fetch all your data without entering it. Also, you can view all its data in the Apple Health app after doing this.

Once you set up the steps, calories, and other goals, it starts tracking your footsteps. At the end of a day, week, or month, you also can take an overview of the calories burnt, distance covered, time spent, and other vital metrics graphically. Also, achieving steps, calories, and other goals rewards you with 3D medals to boost your morale.

The most highlighting feature of StepsApp Pedometer is that it lets you add a step counter widget to your iPhone’s home screen to track the steps without opening the app. We tested this app to check its accuracy. So, we walked 120 steps, and it counted 123 steps, which is good. We noticed that the data in it primarily updates when you stop.

Other than this, the StepsApp Pedometer app comes with Apple Health and Apple Watch support, a few accessibility features, and customization options to personalize the app’s UI.

Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker is also an excellent pedometer app that you can try on your iPhone to become more active.

Like other pedometers or step counter apps, it also constantly counts your footsteps while walking, running, hiking, jogging, etc.

Opening the Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker app on your iPhone asks you to enter personal data, like birth year, height, and weight. Then, it asks you to choose a purpose for installing it. Also, it tells you to set a daily step goal.

It shows the weekly, monthly, and yearly insights in the Insights section to let you check your progress at any time in one place. Notably, it also lets you export all your insights in a PDF document to share with your health consultant for advice. However, there are more exciting parts about this pedometer app.

For instance, its GPS functionality lets you easily track your walking, running, hiking, and biking on a map. This way, you can quickly know what route you went through today or earlier this week.

The best part is that you can attach a photo to the route to highlight it. Also, when you walk, it shows the calories, KMs, time spent, and other metrics to let you keep an eye on it.

To check this pedometer app’s accuracy and reliability, we walked around 120 steps with it running in the phone’s background. Interestingly, it performed better than expected. It counted 121 footsteps, one step more than the actual steps, meaning it’s almost accurate.

Another thing we liked about this Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker app is its built-in security features, like Live Tracking, which creates a shareable unique link for your real-time location to let your loved ones ensure you’re safe while walking or whatever you’re doing. Ultimately, it lets you sync its data with MyFitnessPal and Apple Health.

Pedometer & Step Counter

Another one you can try is Pedometer & Step Counter. Like other step counters, it also counts your steps, no matter whether your iPhone is in your hand, pocket, or bag. The best part about this pedometer app is that it doesn’t consume much of your phone’s battery, as it doesn’t come with GPS. But, this could also be a drawback for some users. Like others, it also helps you keep track of your daily steps and other goals.

Pedometer & Step Counter has an Insight section to review the health journey. Over there, you can check the tracked data, such as distance covered, time spent, KCAL burnt, and floors climbed in a day, week, or month. The most highlighting part about this app is that it also tells you about your most active times in an entire day, week, month, or year in brief. Also, it shows the data in graphs to let you easily understand them.

Like other pedometer apps, we also tried this app and found that it’s mostly accurate, and you can consider using it on your iPhone. We walked 120 steps, and it counted 122 steps.

Besides this, Pedometer & Step Counter offers several multi-color themes to personalize the app’s interface per your preferences and enjoy step counting even more. Not only this, but it also integrates well with the Apple Health app, so you can view all your app’s insights in Apple Health and keep track of your fitness journey all in one place.

Finally, everything is good about the Pedometer & Step Counter app, and you can try it. But one thing that can bother you is the native ads while using the app to track the steps.

Pedometer α

The next pedometer app on our list is Pedometer α, which has all the necessary features, except for a modern UI.

Also, the app UI suffers with advertisements, but they’re all image ads and not full-screen videos.

When you install the app, it automatically starts its primary work. The best part is that it doesn’t even ask you to create a new account, saving much of your time. Also, it doesn’t ask you to add your personal information which means a more private experience.

Still, we suggest you manually enter it in the Settings section, as it helps the app calculate distance and calories precisely.

Besides this, when you open the Pedometer α app on your iPhone, you see all the tracked health data, such as calories burnt, time spent, steps taken, and perhaps most intriguingly, the pace at which the steps were taken. Also, you can check the last 24 hours, weekly, and monthly stats in graphs to understand them better easily.

We are coming over to the results. We again walked 120 steps to test this app’s accuracy. We discovered it’s the most accurate step counter app, which calculated precisely 120 steps. Besides this, there isn’t much to talk about the Pedometer α app, as it only does the essential work. So, go for it if you’re looking for a basic step counter app.

Stepz – Step Counter & Tracker

The last pedometer app that’s worth trying on an iPhone is Stepz. Stepz is an excellent iPhone step counter with an appealing yet easy-to-use interface.

To get started, you must connect your Apple Health to it and enter the necessary personal data. Once done, the dashboard shows the steps you’ve taken today. It also offers other essential data, like calories spent, active time, etc. Simultaneously, it starts counting your steps.

Like other iPhone step counters and trackers, it also gives you insights about your last 24 hours, weekly, and monthly walking performance, so you can know where you’re lacking.

The most highlighting part about this pedometer app is that it gives you medals for achieving goals. For example, if you walk 50,000 steps daily, you get a Grizzly Bear medal. Besides this, it has a dedicated History section, which shows the steps you covered in the current month every day. It shows all your steps history in one place.

Furthermore, we tested this Stepz application, and it’s almost accurate. For instance, we walked around 120 steps, and this only counted 122 steps, which is pretty good.

However, the thing you might dislike is the annoying ads. Whenever you open the app, the ads automatically play, and most of the time, they’re the video ads that make you suffer every time they pop-up.

Other than this, Stepz is a reliable iPhone pedometer and step counter app.

Results Summary

Here’s a quick table to evaluate the performance and accuracy of all the best step counter apps:

Our CountApp CountApple Health App’s Count
Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker120121118
Pedometer & Step Counter120122118
Pedometer α120120118

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best pedometer apps for iPhones. We selected the above-step counter apps based on their ratings and number of downloads.

We hope this little experiment will help you choose the best pedometer for you.

If yes, then make sure to comment on which one you picked. At last, do share this guide with someone who should also use a step counter app.