Stay tuned to know three ways to Alphabetize in Google Docs.

When we say alphabetize we are trying to sort the paragraphs from A-to-Z or in the reverse order. Frankly, I never had to do this in Google docs, and there isn’t any native function for such sorting.

Still, there are a few ways, including using a Google docs extension, third-party sorting tools, and spreadsheets programs like MS Excel or Google Sheets which can help get the paragraphs arranged in order.

Let’s check each process alphabetically πŸ˜›.

Google Docs Extension

This is the simplest method that works with just a click.

Start with Extensions in the menu, then navigate through Add ons to Get add ons. Next type sort in the search box and install Sorted Paragraphs.

sorted paragraphs extension

Afterward, select the text, click Extensions, and select Sort A to Z within the Sorted Paragraphs tab.

using sorted paragraphs to Alphabetize in Google Docs

Third-Party Tools

There are numerous tools that you can copy content to, alphabetize, and paste back into Google docs.

A few of them are Alphabetizer and Wordcounter. Both of these come with added functionality like ignoring the first word, definite or indefinite articles, adding (only Wordcounter), or removing HTML tags, etc.

Alphabetizer also permits you to save the list to a specific URL for easy sharing. In addition, you can also print or download (as .txt) the list.

However, all listed functions worked more smoothly with Wordcounter, and personally, I liked its interface better.

Spreadsheet Applications

One can use spreadsheet applications like Google sheets or MS excel in place of Wordcounter or Alphabetizer. The process will be copying the paragraphs into spreadsheets, applying the sort functions, and pasting them again into Google docs.

For instance, you can use the Data > Sort sheet or Sort range in Google sheets to alphabetize the entire sheet or just the selection.

using google sheets to sort

MS Excel has this in the Sort & Filter function where you can select the subject column and arrange the contents alphabetically.

However, using these spreadsheet applications will have your content in a table form in Google docs.

Now you can either make the table invisible by deleting the boundaries or paste everything in the notepad, and copy notepad contents in Google docs. This includes an extra step, but there wouldn’t be any table to deal with.

Alphabetize in Google Docs

So, these were a few ways to alphabetize in Google docs. Using an extension like Sorted paragraphs is the easiest method. However, Wordcounter or Alphabetizer would do the job fine if you don’t like installing extensions for whatever reason.

Finally, you can try using a spreadsheet application if you don’t mind some extra steps.

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