Here are a few AI email writing tools to check out other than the obvious ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the best AI tools we have ever experienced, as it lets us perform complex and time-consuming tasks in seconds. We can create lengthy codes, emails, blogs, CTAs, social media captions, and much more by giving suitable prompts.

It can do many things with ease. But we suspect there can be better tools for a particular task, like composing emails.

Thus, if you’re looking for some ChatGPT alternatives to write emails, read this guide until the end. We will talk about the best ChatGPT alternatives for writing emails, with briefly testing each tool to give you an idea about their capabilities.

Top ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing Emails

Emails are an integral part of every profession. They’re used for different purposes, such as generating leads, promoting products & services, building connections, and much more.

So, it becomes important to write the best emails that get the best results in the shortest possible time.

In that case, AI email writers can play champions. These tools can save you (or your team) the repetitive, mundane task of writing email copies. And mind you, they are excellent at doing that.

Without any ado, let’s jump into this list of such AI tools to make email writing much easier and efficient than ever.

The first alternative to ChatGPT for writing emails is It’s an AI-powered content writing tool that can be used for different purposes, including writing emails.

It lets you write tailored and compelling emails in 30 seconds flat in your preferred tone by giving a short description of your topic. You can use it to draft different types of emails, such as welcome emails, consolation emails, follow-up emails, thank you emails, and more.

We asked to write a resignation email and it was really impressive. This AI email writer explained everything in detail that we asked it to. It also added some necessary points to make it look professional. At last, you can see our given prompt and the email copy below:

copy ai

Coming over to its pricing. allows you to create a free account, which lets you write 2,000 words per month for free.

Lastly, all plans come with similar features, such as unlimited words & projects, access to 90+ AI-powered tools, priority email support, 25+ languages support, 5 user accounts, and more.


Botowski is an AI email generator that drafts well-written, error-free, high-converting emails in seconds. Like every other AI email writing tool, Botowski also asks you to provide a short description of your topic to get the best variations of emails around it.

One thing that’s worth mentioning about Botowski is that it can generate an email in any tone. It can make your email copies sound apologetic, funny, witty, creative, angry, empathetic, etc. We tried using Botowski’s AI Email Writer, and here’s the final result we got:

botowski email writer

We’ve to say that all the emails this AI email writer generated were really great. We didn’t find any negatives in the generated email copies, as all of them were well-written and, most importantly, well-formatted. So, it’s good to say that its email writer is completely reliable.

Moving ahead, Botowski has a free version, which lets you write 15000 words per month and 500 words daily. But the free plan users don’t get customer support. Besides this, it has three premium plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium.

All the premium plans come with different word limits and features.

AI Email Writer

AI Email Writer is a free AI email writing add-on and also a great alternative to ChatGPT for writing emails. It lets you quickly compose emails using ChatGPT. AI Email Writer drafts emails based on your previous emails’ context and the prompts you give to the AI.

To get started, you need to download the add-on and connect it to your email to let it read your emails to write compelling emails on your prompts. The best part about AI Email Writer is that it automatically inserts the generated email into Gmail’s new email draft.

Also, it can compose emails in more than 20 languages and your preferred tone. We tried creating an email using AI Email Writer, and you can check the result yourself:

ai email writer

It generated a decent email.

But one thing that’s worth mentioning is that it didn’t generate them in a proper formal format. Also, it didn’t create the subject line automatically based on our short description. So we had to do that manually.

Other than this, it explained everything clearly. It even added a few points to balance frustration an employee might have, with the appreciation for the good moments.

Overall, felt like a good ChatGPT alternative for writing emails, and you can try this for free.


The next ChatGPT alternative to quickly compose emails is Flowrite. It’s a web-based AI writing productivity tool that quickly composes emails on your prompts.

One thing that makes it different from other AI email writing tools is its integration with popular web-based services. It not only works with Gmail, but also integrates across platforms, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Yahoo, Outlook, MailChimp, Messenger, and more.

To use it, you need to add Flowrite’s extension to your browser, and it’ll give you access to the editor to easily draft high-converting email copies in a matter of seconds. We tried creating an email copy using Flowrite, and you can see the output:

flowrite ai email

It generated three versions of the mail, and all were really great. But honestly, they lacked the formal tone needed for a resignation email. Else, everything was fine, and you can rely on this AI writing tool without any doubt.

One of the best parts about Flowrite is that it gives you access to more than 20 email templates. For instance, if you want to write an email for a specific purpose, let’s say to request feedback, you get a template for that. You get many different email templates like this.

Other than this, it features a Usage dashboard where you can check the number of emails you generated using it and the time you saved by doing so.

Coming over to the subscription. Flowrite offers a 14-day trial. Besides this, it has three premium plans: Light, Premium, and Unlimited, from which you can choose according to your use case.


Hypotenuse is a popular AI writing assistant that has several AI writing-related tools and one of which is AI Email Generator, which lets you craft engaging and crispy emails with ease.

You simply need to explain the purpose of the email, add a few related keywords, and press Generate. And the very next moment, you’ll see varied email copies of the given prompts. The best part is that you can generate email copies in any tone, such as angry, professional, friendly, and more.

Not only this, but you can also describe your target audience to the AI writer so that it can generate more personalized email copies for you on the given prompts. Check what it did to your resignation prompt:

Hypotenuse ai writer

It generated three emails on our given prompts, and all were good.

The AI writer explained all the points clearly in the email. Additionally, all the emails were well formatted. However, all three emails had some punctuation, prepositions, and spelling mistakes. So, you need to proofread your emails before hitting send.

Like most AI email writers, Hypotenuse also offers a 7-day free trial that provides you with 15 credits. You can use these 15 credits to generate 15 email copies, as one email copy costs 1 credit.

If you need more credits, you need to buy one of its premium plans. It also has Enterprise subscriptions, which can be customized according to the team size and requirements. is a cloud-based AI writing tool that lets you perform various writing tasks, and one such task is writing subject and intro lines for your emails to ensure high open rates.

Smartwriter is also known as the best tool for cold outreach, as it works on the e2e personalization engine. It thoroughly analyzes your prospects’ websites and finds relevant case studies, articles & blogs, and other online resources to draft a personalized and compelling outreach message. Based on the same online data, it generates cold emails with a personal touch.

smartwriter ai writer

Coming over to’s pricing. It offers you a 7-day free trial, which comes with 15 credits, which lets you generate 3–4 emails. Other than the free trial, it has three paid plans: Basic Plan, Popular Plan, and Pro Plan.


So, these are some of the best ChatGPT alternatives for writing emails. All alternatives we mentioned in this article come with useful features. Personally, Botowski felt really top-notch to me, and it should work best for many use cases.

First, it has a free version, which lets you write 15000 words. Second, it drafts good-quality emails without any doubt. We agree that its premium plans are quite expensive compared to other AI email writers, like Flowrite. If its premium plans are stopping you from choosing it, you can go with Flowrite, as it’s also a reliable AI email writer.