How to Change Font in WordPress With & Without Plugin

change fonts in wordpress

Let’s check how you can change WordPress font with or without plugins and compare the website performance with each method. Fonts are a far more important part of any web project than some might appear at first glance. And the existence of paid fonts (like that at shouts this fact out loud. A carefully …

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How to Change Margins in Google Docs: 2 Methods

how to change margins in google docs

A pin-point tutorial to change margins in Google Docs. Google docs is a handy collaborative tool with a nifty word processor. It has loads of functions, slowly making the expensive Microsoft Word unattractive by the day. While Google Docs is great in its native form, there are times when you want to optimize things further …

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Smartbands vs Smartwatches: Which is the Right One?


Smart wearable devices–smartwatches and smartbands–have started to make inroads in the commoners’ lives. Traditional watches are going obsolete by the hour. More people are going for digital timekeepers in place of their traditional analog cousins. This has given birth to two replacements for conventional wrist watches: smartbands and smartwatches. It may seem confusing to some …

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Social Media Management Platforms: Why Should You Care?

social media

You might be denting your reputation and profits by ignoring social media. Simply put, Social media management platforms help you to look at par with others and connect to a worldwide audience. In 2020, there were 3.96 billion active social media users, a 13.66% YOY growth over 2019.Internet and smartphones have ensured social connectivity to …

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What is Dropshipping? And The Reasons to Avoid it.


Don’t let the tight fiances strangle your entrepreneurship dreams. You can still break into the online business space with bare minimum funds. This modern way of online selling–Dropshipping–empowers you to start selling without going bankrupt right away. With flexible scalability options, Dropshipping is today’s sought-after option to start an online store with little risk. It’s …

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Augmented Reality: A Short Critique & Few Supported Apps.

augmented reality

Augmented Reality: Preface Augmented Reality (AR), going by the literal definition straight out of google–makes reality bigger or enhances its value. Before diving deep, let’s set the tone of this short article with a video by Vuzix Corporation. With a special pair of glasses, you begin to see multi-dimensional things implanted on your normal view. This provides useful …

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What is Virtual Reality and How it works?

virtual reality

Isn’t it great to affirm our choice of a tourist destination by taking a virtual trip in advance–and avoid unnecessary speculation? Are you even slightly interested in knowing how it feels to fly a fighter jet without piloting a real one–even if that’s vaguely possible? Virtual Reality (VR) can bring to you many more such …

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