Ironically, there are a few apps that can help you restrain the social beast inside you.

Quitting social media can be challenging. Still, it isn’t that tough.

Luckily, several mobile apps can help you eliminate social media addiction.

In this guide, we’ll share all those apps to keep you away from social media and make your life more productive.

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The first app that has helped many people avoid using social media is AppBlock.

It lets you block apps and websites, mainly social media apps and sites, and in your case, on your phone to restrict access.

It has three main blocking functions: Quick Block, Scheduled Blocking, and Strict Mode.

Quick Block enables you to block/unblock apps and sites whenever you want.

Scheduled Blocking lets you create an automated blocking schedule. You can create schedules based on the time, location, and usage limit. For instance, if you arrive at a specific area or a time of the day that you’ve set, it’ll block the apps.

Lastly, the Strict Mode function not only blocks the apps. But it also blocks access to the main app, so you can’t change the rules. Besides blocking apps, it lets you review your phone usage in one place.

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One Sec

When you receive a like or a message on our social media, it releases dopamine and drives you further into it. Thus, the next app we’ve added to this list is One Sec, which works on breaking this habit.

One Sec helps you quit social media by adding friction. Opening any social media app on your phone with One Sec enabled forces you to take a deep breath and makes you wait longer to access it. Due to this, your brain loses those short-term dopamine hits, urging you to use social media apps.

Besides this, it has many more features that help you become a better version of yourself by quitting social media. It has a dedicated Journaling section that lets you jot down your thoughts and ideas. It also quickly works with the Structured app, enabling you to manage and complete your daily tasks while beating social media addiction.

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Focus To-Do

Do you reach for your social media apps every few minutes while working? If yes, then try Focus To-Do. It’s a task management app that helps you perform your daily tasks efficiently using the Pomodoro technique.

If you don’t know this technique, it’s a time management method with several 25-minute sessions separated by five-minute breaks. So working doesn’t feel monotonous, and you can stay focused.

Besides helping you stay focused, it also lets you track your progress. You can check the tasks or projects you completed, the time you spent on them, and other data. Lastly, using it, you can set reminders, set a project due date, and add notes.

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Keep Me Out

What’s better than locking yourself out of the phone while working? If you do this, you can quickly eliminate the constant urge to use social media. Thus, the next app we’ve added to this list is Keep Me Out, which lets you do the same. This app enables you to lock your phone for as long as you want to avoid social media. It also allows you to schedule phone locking.

But what if you need to make some calls when your phone is locked? For that, Keep Me Out has an Emergency calling feature that allows calling to work even if the mobile phone is locked out. Also, with Keep Me Out, you can’t procrastinate and unlock your device by restarting it, as it keeps the phone locked even after the restart.

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The next app you can use to break your social media addiction is Forest, a productivity app, but a little different from other productivity apps.

It works on a simple approach: the more you focus on your work, the more trees the Forest app’s team will plant.

The makers of this app have partnered with a real-life-tree-planting organization that plants all these trees. Until now, they’ve grown more than 1.5 million trees.

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Google Digital Wellbeing

Source: Google

To quit social media, you must first understand your attitude toward it so that you can take the necessary actions.

To get a complete understanding of your daily social media usage, you can use Google Digital Wellbeing. This app lets you know how much time you spend on apps, how many times you unlock your smartphone daily, and the alerts you receive.

It not only lets you take a look at your daily phone usage. But it also comes with some useful features to control it. For instance, it enables you to set time limits on apps. Besides, it lets you mute all your phone alerts and turn on eye-protecting filters when sleeping. Most importantly, it allows you to put distracting apps on pause to focus on work.

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Final Thoughts

So “Do you still think social media addiction is the hardest thing to beat?” No, right?

Because you now know the best mobile apps to help you quickly eliminate this addiction. You can use them to limit your phone’s screen time, set usage reminders, and others to limit the exposure to social media.

Stay healthy and productive. Goodbye!